IG Vant Transfer was started in the 1940's by Irel "I.G." Vant with a single straight truck.

Irel was heading west from Wisconsin to join is brother and seek opportunity the logging boom in the Pacific Northwest provided when his pickup truck broke down and he was hired by a local dock company to deliver coal off the barges in St. Paul, MN to customers homes around the Twin Cities.  Little did he expect that his work ethic and dedication to customer service would still be going strong over 75 years later!

Hauling coal expanded into hauling corrugated steel items for Wheeling Corrguated Steel in Minneapolis and eventually into hauling mining equipment for Minneapolis Electric Steel. Through the years, industry changes, deregulation and 4 generations of the family, our business has evolved into Crow Wing Transport. Named in honor of Crow Wing county, the beautiful lakes & forests region in North central Minnesota where the last 3 generations of the family love to spend every possible spare minute.

As a testament to our customer service, Minneapolis Electric Steel is still one of our best customers all these years later. Only now they're known as ME Elecmetal, a leading global provider of mining wear parts. 


We keep our customers satisfied for decades. Contact us today and let us show you why.

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